Armin Priester

All these fascinating ways to take a turn for the better had me thrilled instantly. Yet I was sceptical. However, starting a well-founded aura master class, all my doubts dissolved into thin air.

It wasn´t long before I could clearly see the importance of the aura for our wellbeing as it is the carrier of life´s energy itself – and if the aura is blocked by old feelings or trauma we do notice that. Our clarity and confidence is blown away and we simply don´t feel right.

Coaching cannot solve aura blockages as the latter are located much more deeply. Yet highly effective aura-work makes it so easy you would hardly believe it.

Therefore, I am more than happy about this extraordinary approach which I am able to offer you now as the ethereal core of my coaching practice.


My offer


  • Aura coachings one-to-one (in person or via phone/skype
  • Workshops on Consciousness

Please note

I am working within the context of spiritual-energetic self-evolvement. I am not offering diagnostic or medical consultation or medication. I do not give any promise of healing and my work does not replace medical advice. On the contrary, I consider cooperation with doctors and practitioners of importance. Therefore, a current therapy should not be interrupted or cancelled resp. a future treatment necessary never be delayed or omitted.